Our History

Merced Screw was founded in 1967 with a specialized focus in screw machining. Over the years, our trusted customers requested our engineering expertise in additional services — multi-spindle machining and CNC machining — to grow us to where we are today.

Our ownership team has always operated on the same rule: “Do the best job we can for a reasonable price.” Our ultra-tight tolerances at competitive prices have saved our customers time and money over the past 50+ years.

merced screw products


Merced Screw is a manufacturer of close-tolerance automatic screw machine products. We are a full-service production machine shop with in-house secondary operations and CNC machining. Our primary metals machined include steels, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and plastics. We are able to competitively manufacture short, medium, and long-run screw machine products.

How do we stand out from our competitors? Unlike many other screw machine shops, Merced Screw manufactures our own tools in-house to ensure you receive high quality and repeatability. We also pride ourselves on our one-stop shop capabilities — from design engineering consultations all the way to deliveries from our centrally located Central Valley location. With FedEx and UPS vehicles on standby, we’ll ship your finished products within 300 miles, or work with you to deliver components nationally or globally. Though locally owned and operated, we’re proud to work with customers in Mexico, Germany, Canada and other countries.

Our team is extremely versatile and has completed projects for the following industries:

  • Healthcare and Fitness: Including wheelchairs, bicycles, exercise equipment, and more.
  • Agriculture: From sprinkler nozzlers and sprinkles to hydraulic fittings.
  • Automotive: Large run capabilities for a variety of automotive applications.
  • Marine: From pushings and levers to pins and bolts.

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