Screw machining utilizes automated lathes and turning centers to create precision finished parts. The machine rotates the raw workpiece as the attached cutting tool shaves off excess layers of material at different angles and depths to create the desired size and shape. In addition to turning operations, screw machines are also used to produce threaded components.

At Merced Screw Products, we utilize CNC machines and single- and multi-spindle screw machines to manufacture close tolerance, plastic and metal screw machined products. Our locally owned and operated business produces parts made entirely in the USA and offers in-house delivery services that cater to both domestic and international orders. With over 50 years of experience machining parts, our staff has knowledge, equipment, and skills to provide high quality value at a reasonable price.

Single-Spindle vs. Multi-Spindle Screw Machining

Screw machines are reductive manufacturing tools that remove portions of the material to create end products. Depending on the specific design of the screw machined part or component and the specifications of the production run, different methods and equipment may be required to produce the finished part.

Screw machines are available in two configurations—single-spindle and multi-spindle—each of which is suitable for specific manufacturing applications.

Single-Spindle Machines

B&S Single Spindle Machine

Single-spindle machines only have one main spindle, which generally limits them to forming parts one stage at a time. This characteristic makes these machines unsuitable for large parts, or large volume production runs due to the long lead times required.

Some of the advantages of using single-spindle machining include:

  • Faster operational speeds. Single-spindle machines tend to operate at a higher RPM than multi-spindle machines, which, in shorter production runs, may lead to faster lead times.
  • Control for complex or manual fabrications.Human operators have greater control over single-spindle machines. Automated models also require simpler machine programs that are faster to produce.
  • Efficiency when creating short or small parts. Short or small parts do not have the surface area to make use of multiple spindles. One spindle is often sufficient, and using simpler machinery can save on production costs.

Merced Screw Products works with bar diameters over 3.5 inches, while most of our competitors don’t grind bars with diameters above 2 inches. Thanks to our specialized equipment and efficient processes, we conduct these grinding operations without the significant cost increases typically associated with grinding larger bar stock.

Multi-Spindle Machines

Merced multi-spindle machines

Similar to single-spindle machines, multi-spindle machines rotate the workpiece around a fixed point and apply spindles to shave off excess material. However, these machines have 4, 6, or even 8 extra spindles to allow for simultaneous fabrication operations.

The characteristics of multi-spindle machines make them suitable for:

  • Faster production of long components.On longer components, all of the spindles can operate at the same time for fast per unit processing.
  • Suitability for large production runs.Multi-spindle machines can produce large volumes of finished parts faster as multiple operations can be executed simultaneously. For large production runs that have static part designs, you can also pre-program automated screw machines with the complex instructions necessary to take full advantage of multi-spindle machines.

While the additional spindles on multi-spindle machines can reduce the lead time in large production runs, in smaller production runs they are less efficient than single-spindle machines as the spindles typically operate at lower RPM. Additionally, although they offer greater machining capabilities, for simple part or small volume production, the more costly multi-spindle equipment may not be worth the investment.

Both of these machines are essential manufacturing tools, and each one offers unique advantages that make it the tool of choice for different screw machined part production runs.

Industries, Equipment, and Materials

Both single-spindle and multi-spindle screwing machines are used to create products for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Agriculture (e.g., hydraulic fittings, sprinklers, and sprinkler nozzles)
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare (e.g., bicycles, fitness equipment, and wheelchairs)
  • Marine applications (e.g., small parts like bolts, levers, pins, and pushings)

At Merced Screw Products, we maintain a domestic manufacturing plant with 25,000 square feet of operational space to manufacture screw machined parts. Our facility has the capacity and equipment to handle small, medium, and large production orders.

Our complete equipment list includes:

  • 50 Brown & Sharpe Automatics with 1/16 inch to 2 & 3/8 inch bar capacity
  • 9 Wickman Six Spindle Automatics with up to 2 & 5/8 inch bar capacity
  • Wickman Single Spindle with 3 & 1/2 inch bar capacity
  • 9 Brown & Sharpe Hand Screw Machines
    12 Fadal CNC Vertical Machining Centers
  • 7 Fagor 2-Axis CNC Lathes
  • 6 Hardinge Turret Lathes
  • 2 Cincinnati Centerless Grinders
  • Multiple Drill Presses
  • Multiple Vertical and Horizontal Mills

We can design, fabricate, and deliver components made from both metal and plastics, such as:

  • Plastic
    • – Acetal
    • – Acrylics
    • – Nylon
    • – PTC
  • Metal
    • – Aluminum
    • – Brass
    • – Cast Iron
    • – Copper
    • – Steel (including stainless steel)
    • – Titanium

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Our team of technical designers and engineers provide complete turnkey solutions, offering in-house tooling, design, and fabrication services for screw machined parts. We also provide secondary services, such as centerless grinding, deburring, limited assembly, and polishing, to ensure that your parts are delivered as finished products. All of our parts are made in the USA, and our team has both the capacity and the personal touch to handle customized orders.

Although we are centrally located in California and offer delivery within 300 miles of our Central Valley location, we provide machining services to domestic and international clients in Canada, Germany, and Mexico.

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